Our clinic has started a non profit organization called:

Saved By Grace Pet Adoptions, Inc.

Any monies donated to Saved by Grace is used for treating the homeless pets medical needs. The objective is to get the pets healthy, vaccinated, spayed and/or neutered and to be put up for adoption, so they can find forever homes.




These 2 sweet kittens are litter mates looking for a forever home. Blinkin’ is the male, black kitten with white spots and Nod is the female, calico/tortie. They are 12 weeks old. They will be completely up to date on their vaccines, spayed/neutered and micro-chipped Adoption fee $75 each or $125 if adopted together

Here are some of the characteristics of the kittens provided by their foster mom:

  • Blinkin’ and Nod are best playmates, nappers and overall charmers
  • They love to cuddle, roll on their backs for belly rubs, chase and pounce
  • Nod does play by herself but she is not a loner cat
  • Nod will sit in your lap, stare into your eyes and pat your face with her paws
  • Blinkin’ is also very affectionate and will often ask to be held
  • The like to find their way up to your shoulders purring loudly into your ears.
  • They have not encountered dogs or young children yet
  • They have done well with older children and have been excellent being used as therapy cats for children with anxiety.
  • Their foster mom has been very hands on with the kittens to make sure they are very socialized and used to a lot of handling and affection. If you are interested in adopting either/both and would like to meet THEM just call Vet Med at 770-787-4899 or come down.


    **Courtesy Posting for our Client**

    Meet Mews! She is a 4 year old, spayed, 19 pound, female tuxedo cat. Mews is an indoor cat only. She loves to be loved on...she is just a fur-ball full of LOVE! She is not a lap cat but it you had the time she would let you sit next to her and pet her ALL day! She is needing to find a new home by the end of August. She is used to being around other cats.

    If you are interesting in meeting Mews we can get you in touch with her owner. Thank you.


    **Courtesy Posting for our Client**

    Meet Cody! Cody is a neutered, 33 pound, 8 year old Chow mix. Cody is house trained; but, he has always preferred to be outside. Cody is sweet, loving and playful. He has the golden retriever disposition. He is very lovable!.... and his is just precious! He also gets along with dogs, cats and kids. There is a small re-homing fee.

    If you are interested in meeting Cody we can get you in touch with his owners for you to set up a meeting. Thank you!


    **Courtesy Posting for our Client**

    "Thor was found on my front porch sick and starving. He was very kind and needed a helping hand. I couldn't just turn a blind eye for he needed someone to help him. He was covered in fleas and malnourished. He is now on a good diet and currently being treated for heart worms and responding well. He is a very sweet and loving dog. He understands basic commands. He doesn't mind the hair dryer or vacuum but don't care too much for storms. I think he's been hurt in the past because he cowers if he thinks he's in trouble. I have asthma and allergies and cannot keep him. He needs someone who can spend the time with him that he deserves for the remainder of his life."

    This kind woman has paid for his vaccines and testing, where we found he has heartworms. He is a senior dog (about 8 to 10 years old) and not neutered. Thor deserves to have a better life in his twilight years for its obvious he has had a rough life up until now. Since his current caretaker has asthma and allergies he is needing to find someone to foster or adopt him. Please call Vetmed Animal Clinic @ 770-787-4899 if you think you can give the proper can this old man needs.


    **Courtesy Posting for our Client**

    Looking for a home! My name is Gizmo and I need a home. I am 13 weeks old and have been spayed but have not had my shots. I need to be an indoor cat.

    If interested please call Vickie @ 770-385-0871 or 770-891-3629